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Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan

Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan

Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan

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For anyone who loves frozen treats, the Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan is a revolutionary kitchen tool that lets you have ice cream whenever you want!

No more rock salt. No more waiting. No more store bought pints. Pull the Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan from the freezer, add your ingredients and make delicious, homemade ice cream!

*Not Sold In Stores* 

  • STAY HEALTHY and still enjoy frozen delicious treats that fit into your eating plan using the easy and fun Ice Cream Time
  • CONTROL THE INGREDIENTS and portions easily
  • MONEY-SAVER. You can still enjoy your favorite frozen treat without paying for expensive specialty brands
  • AVOID FOOD ADDITIVES and other unwanted ingredients from store-bought or local shops
  • NO ELECTRICITY NEEDED. Because there are no cables and plugs to worry about it's easy to serve great ice cream anywhere!

    How do I use the Instant Ice Cream Maker Pan? 

    Once you freeze the pan overnight, the sealed freezing liquid inside keeps that perfect temperature, so you can just take it out and get ready to serve. No electricity needed!

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